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TMtxVec object function list

TMtxVec object:

Abstract object. All listed functions support: real and complex numbers (where appropriate). Most functions are overloaded, to minimize the number of parameters required.

For comprehensive help file please see the online documentation of MtxVec for Delphi/C++ Builder or MtxVec for Visual Studio .NET

Introduced methods

Abs Absolute values.
ArcCos The inverse cosine.
ArcCosh Inverse hyperbolic cosine.
ArcCot Inverse cotangens.
ArcCoth Inverse hyperbolic cotangens.
ArcCsc Inverse cosecant.
ArcCsch Inverse hyperbolic cosecant.
ArcSec Inverse secant.
ArcSech Inverse hyperbolic secant.
ArcSin The inverse sine.
ArcSinh Inverse hyperbolic sine.
ArcTan Inverse tangens.
ArcTan2 Inverse tangens of Y/X.
ArcTanh Inverse hyperbolic tangens.
BlockInit Initializes block processing.
BlockNext Obtains the next subrange of the data.
CartToPolar Converts elements from cartesian to polar coordinate form.
Cbrt The cube root.
Ceil Rounds towards positive infinity.
Clear Sets vector size to zero.
CondDisable Saves the current value of ConditionCheck property and sets it to false.
CondEnable Sets the ConditionCheck property to whatever it was before the CondDisable was used.
Conj Conjugate.
Copy Copy object values.
CopyFromArray Copies values from an array.
CopyToArray Copy values to an array.
Cos Cosine.
Cosh Hyperbolic cosine.
Cot Cotangens.
Coth Hyperbolic cotangens.
CplxToReal Split complex calling object in real and imaginary part.
Csc Cosecant.
Csch Hyperbolic cosecant.
DisableSelect Prevents calls to Select .
DisableSubrange Prevents calls to SetSubRange .
EnableSelect Enables calls to Select .
EnableSubrange Enables calls to SetSubRange .
Exp Exponent (e^).
Exp10 Exponent base 10 (10^).
Exp2 Exponent base 2 (2^).
Expj A complex exponential e^(j* W ).
ExtendToComplex Extends a real object to a complex object.
Find Finds a match for X in object values.
First First element in object Values array.
Firstc First element in object CValues array.
FixAngle Sets angle in [-2p,2p] .
Flip Flips the real and imaginary part of complex numbers.
FlipConj Flips the real and imaginary part of complex numbers and conjugates the complex numbers.
FloatToInt Converts object values from float to integer.
Floor Rounds towards negative infinity.
Frac Fractional part of values.
FreeToCache Frees the object.
ImagPart Gets the imaginary part of a complex object.
IntPower Power (integer exponent).
IntToFloat Converts object values from integer to float.
Inv Inverse elements.
InvCbrt The inverse of cube root 1/(v)^1/3.
InvSqrt The inverse of square root 1/(v)^1/2.
IsEqual Compares two objects and returns True, if they are equal.
Last Last element in object Values array.
Lastc Last complex element in object CValues array.
Ln Natural logarithm.
LoadFromFile Reads the header information and the values array content from the file.
LoadFromStream Reads the header information and the values array content from a stream.
Log10 Log base 10.
Log2 Log base 2.
LogN Log base N.
Mag Magnitude.
Mul Multiply object elements with Value.
MulI Multiply elements by imaginary unit.
Normalize Normalize object.
PCValues1D Obtaines a pointer to the complex value of the vector at Index.
PhaseSpectrum The phase angles (spectrum) of object elements.
PIValues1D Obtaines a pointer to the real value of the vector at Index.
PolarToCart Converts the polar magnitude/phase pairs to cartesian pairs.
Power Raises base object elements to any power.
PowerSpectrum The power spectrum from object complex values.
PowerVec Raises Base object elements to Exponent object elements power.
Product Elements product.
Productc Elements product.
PValues1D Obtaines a pointer to the real value of the vector at Index.
RandGauss The pseudo random sample generator with Gaussian distribution.
RandUniform The pseudo random sample generator with continuous uniform distribution.
ReadHeader Reads the header information from a stream to object.
ReadValues Read values content from stream to object.
RealPart Gets real part of complex object values.
RealToCplx Constructs a complex object from two real objects.
Rem The Reminder after division X/Y.
Replace Search and replace a value.
Reset Resets object properties to default values.
RMS Root mean square (RMS).
Round Elements rounded to the nearest whole number.
SaveToFile Write object header and values to a file.
SaveToStream Writes the header information and the Values content to a stream.
Scale Multiply object elements with Value.
Scatter Scatter object elements.
Sec Secant.
Sech Hyperbolic secant.
Select Selects a set of elements from the vector.
SelectAll Resets any defined selection.
SetCplx Sets object complex values.
SetDouble Sets object values (double).
SetFullRange Resets any defined subrange.
SetInteger Sets object values (integer).
SetIt Sets object values.
SetSingle Sets object values (single).
SetSubIndex Defines a subarray.
SetSubRange Defines a sub vector/matrix.
SetVal Initialize elements to Value.
SetZero Initializes object elements to zero.
Sgn Signum.
Sign Changes elements sign.
Sin Sine.
SinCos Sine and cosine.
Sinh Hyperbolic sine.
SinhCosh Hyperbolic sine and cosine.
Size Size the object.
SizeToArray Sizes the array.
Sqr Square.
Sqrt Square toot.
StdDev Standard deviation.
Sum Sums vector values.
Sumc Sum (complex value).
Tan Tangens.
Tanh Hyperbolic tangens.
ThreshBottom Threshold bottom operation.
ThresholdGT Threshold greater than operation Perform operation on all calling object values.
ThresholdGT_LT Threshold greater than and less than operation.
ThresholdLT Threshold less than operation.
ThreshTop Threshold top operation.
Trunc Rounds a real number towards zero.
TruncAndFrac Rounds a real number towards zero and returns the fractional part.
WriteHeader Writes the header information for the calling vector to a stream.
WriteValues Writes object Values content to a stream.