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MtxVec: other functions list

For comprehensive help file please see the online documentation of MtxVec for Delphi/C++ Builder or MtxVec for Visual Studio .NET

Toeplitz systems

  • ToepltizSolve
  • Levinson

Special functions

  • EllipComplete (complete elliptic integrals)
  • EllipJacoby (Jacoby elliptic functions)
  • Airy (Airy function and its derivative)
  • Biry (Airy fun. of second kind and its derivative)
  • BesJ
  • BesY
  • BesI
  • BesK
  • BesH
  • LegendreP (associated Legendre polynomials)


  • PolyRoots, PolyEval
  • Cubic splines
  • Linear and cubic interpolation algorithms
  • construction and evaluation of piece-wise polynoms

Optimization methods

  • Brent minimization method for single variable.
  • BFGS, Marquardt, Trust Region and Nelder-Mead (Simplex) minimization methods.
  • Bounded optimization for Simplex and Trust Region (TR) algorithm.
  • Linear programming: Dual Simplex, Two Phase Simplex, Simplex and Gomory's Cutting Plane (CPA) algorithm.

Numerical integration and differentiation

  • Numerical integration by using Trapez, Simpson, Gaussian, Romberg or Monte-Carlo method.
  • Numerical differentiation by several methods.