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Embarcadero Delphi/C++ Builder Products

MtxVec - DSP Master - Stats Master - Data Miner

Dew Research offers its products for Delphi in three bundles. Each bundle includes MtxVec, a math library, which is required by other add-ons. The comprehensive bundle of our software for Delphi is called Dew Lab Studio for Delphi.

Dew Lab Studio - Comprehensive bundle

Dew Lab Studio is a superset of our Delphi math product line at a reduced price. It includes MtxVec, DSP Master, Stats Master and Data Miner. The package price also includes latest Steema TeeChart license (a $599 value). The trial version, which includes all products is available within a single installer.

MtxVec - high performance math library for Delphi

MtxVec is an object oriented numerical library for Delphi and .NET developers with complete matrix/vector arithmetic. It features a large set of vectorized mathemathical functions which cover complex numbers, sparse matrices, math parser, probabilities, optimization unit, SVD, QR, LQ, and LU solvers, special functions, and more. All applications based on this library take advantage of CPU-specific code optimization and symmetric multiprocessing. Efficient memory and CPU cache management further enhance its performance.

DSP Master - advanced signal processing package in Delphi

This signal processing package for MtxVec features Infinite Impulse Response (IIR) filter designers: Butterworth, Chebyshev, elliptic, Bessel, and Finite Impulse Response (FIR) designers: window, Remez exchange. Included are also over 40 components such as: frequency analyzer, cross spectral analyzer, higher order spectral analyzer, signal generator, arbitrary rate convertors, streaming pipelines, audio playback and recording, ASIO audio drivers, fractional delay filters, signal forecasting, read/write audio file support and many other features.

Stats Master - statistical package for Delphi

The Stats Master statistical package for Delphi includes: 21 different distributions (PDF, CDF and inverse CDF function), mean and variance for all 21 distributions, random generators for 18 distributions, parameter estimate for beta, binomial, exponential, gamma, geometric, normal, Poisson, continuous uniform and Weibull distributions, histograms, ogives nth-Moment, percentile, range, Interquertile Range IQR, mean, harmonic mean, goodness-of-fit tests and more.

Data Miner - artificial intelligence enabling components for Delphi

Data miner is a set of components for classification for Borland Delphi and C++Builder written in 100% VCL. The algorithms included cover: KNN and Naive Bayes plus a third completely new algorithm named Linear Classifier. The algorithms can work on real and discrete data and can be connected to a TDataSet descendant. They appropriately handle missing data and are all capable of incremental learning.

Download Trial Version

We packed all our products (MtxVec, DSP, Statistics and Data Miner) into a single Dew Lab Studio installer. The trial version of MtxVec compiles fine with Standard, Proffesional and Enterprise edition of the official Delphi/C++Builder release. MtxVec trial versions will not compile with trial versions of Delphi/CBuilder. The older version (v1.51) can be used with older compilers also. The license for MtxVec includes all MtxVec versions.
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Dew Lab Studio 2024 VCL Trial
for Delphi/BCB

XE3 / XE4 / XE5 / XE6 / XE7 / XE8 / Seattle10 / Berlin10.1 / Tokyo 10.2 / Rio 10.3.3/ Sydney 10.4.2 / Alexandria 11.2 / Athens 12.0

(408 MB)

High Performance Edition

All-in-one single pass installer/uninstaller

Last updated: 12th of November, 2023
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Dew Lab Studio Core 2024 VCL Trial
for Delphi/BCB

XE3 / XE4 / XE5 / XE6 / XE7 / XE8 / Seattle10 / Berlin10.1 / Tokyo 10.2 / Rio 10.3.3 / Sydney 10.4.2 /Alexandria 11.2 / Athens 12.0

(278 MB)

Core Edition

All-in-one single pass installer/uninstaller

Last updated: 12th November, 2023