Case Studies

MtxVec and Stats Master Case Studies

Listed below are several real-life case studies analyzed with our products. The examples are coded for Delphi, C++ Builder and C#. personalities.


Case study: Thermal Expansion of Copper

Topic: Non-linear regression

This case study illustrates the use of a class of nonlinear models called rational function models.

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Case study: Ultrasonic Reference Block Study

Topic: Non-linear regression

This example ilustrates the construction of a non-linear regression model for ultrasonic calibration data.

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Case study: Load Cell Calibration

Topic: Linear regression

This example illustrates the construction of a linear regression model for load cell data that relates a known load applied to a load cell to the deflection of the cell.

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Case study: PCA in financial analysis

Topic: Principal Component Analysis

PCA in financial analysis: The example demonstrates how to use PCA in identifying most variable currencies.

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Case study: Goal Seeking

Topic: Goal seeking

This example demostrates how to use optimization routines to perform goal seeking.

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Case study: Simplex with bounded constraints

Topic: Non-linear regression
Example demostrates how to use optimization routines to perform non-linear fit on Z=Z(k,a,b|X1,X2).

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