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Function list: TSparseMtx

TSparseMTx object function list

TSparseMtx object

All listed functions support: real and complex numbers (where appropriate). Most functions are overloaded, to minimize the number of parameters required.

The class is derived from TMtxVec.

For comprehensive help file please see the online documentation of MtxVec for Delphi/C++ Builder or MtxVec for Visual Studio .NET

Introduced Methods

Add Sums two sparse matrices (A+B).
AddSplit Construct sparse matrxix by summing lower, upper triangluar part and the diagonal.
Adjung Adjungate operation.
BandedToSparse Converts banded matrix to modified compressed column sparse matrix format.
ConjMul Conjugate Sparse2 and matrix multiply it with Sparse1.
DenseToSparse Convert dense matrix to sparse matrix format.
Diag Sets the kk-th diagonal of TSparseMtx from the Vec object.
DiagonalsCount Calculates the number of diagonals above and below main diagonal.
DivideElem Divide individual elements of sparse matrices.
Equal Compares two sparse matrices.
FreeNumeric Frees the numeric object used by the Umfpack.
Inv The inverse matrix.
IsEqualSize Compares matrix size.
LoadFromMatrixMarketFile Loads the matrix stored in a matrix market file format.
LowerTriangle Extract lower part of the Mtx.
Max Maximum of all non-zero elements.
Maxc Maximum of all non-zero complex elements.
Mean Average of all non-zero elements.
Meanc Average of all non-zero complex elements.
Min Minimum of all non-zero elements.
Minc Minimum of all non-zero complex elements.
Mul Multiply two sparse matrices (matrix multiplication).
MulLeft Multiply the sparse matrix from left.
MulRight Multiply the sparse matrix from right.
PixelDownSample Reduces dense matrix for screen display (bitmap) to show the non-zero pattern.
RandomSparse Creates quadratic non-complex non-singular sparse matrix.
ResidualNorm The residual norm of the solution of the system of linear equations A*X=B.
Resize Resizes the sparse matrix to a new number of non-zeros.
RMS Root mean squared of all non-zero elements.
SaveToMatrixMarketFile Saves the matrix in matrix market file format.
Size Define the size of sparse matrix.
Solve Direct solve.
SolveIterative Solve the system A*X = B by using one of the iterative methods.
SparseToBanded Convert sparse matrix to banded matrix.
SparseToDense Convert sparse matrix to banded matrix.
SparseToTriplets Convert sparse matrix to triplets.
Split Split sparse matrix into lower triangle, main diagonal and upper triangle.
StringsToValues Convert strings to specific matrix format.
StructurizeSymmetric Required by Pardiso solver to solve for general matrices.
Sub Subract two sparse matrices.
Transp Transpose sparse matrix.
TripletsToSparse Convert triplets to sparse format.
TripletsToSparseAndFlush Construct a sparse matrix by specifying the position of each element in dense matrix.
UpperTriangle Extract upper part of the Mtx.
ValuesToStrings Convert matrix values to strings.
ZeroThresh Reduces the number of non-zeros.