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The latest release of FFT Properties v6 brings several major enhancements. One is the ability of a real-time high resolution spectrogram with full support for zoom spectrum in Signal Recorder. SignalR...
We are happy to announce availability of Dew Lab Studio 2016 supporting the latest Embarcadero Rad Studio 10.1 Berlin, additional performance improvements due to the updated dlls and many new features...
Latest update of Dew Lab Studio for VS.NET delivers notable performance boost to linear algebra routines, support for VS 2015.NET and support for latest Steema TeeChart. There were multiple improvemen...
Latest version of Dew Lab Studio 2015 adds support for Delphi Rad Studio 10 Seattle and finally delivers comprehensive cross-platform support allowing users to deploy to Windows, Android, OS...
The latest update for Dew Lab Studio 2015 for VS.NET brings all the improvements of MtxVec v5.0.2 to .NET users....




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MtxVec for mission critical applications where complex real time data processing is needed. Ten times faster than conventional programming.
MtxVec applications


Dew Research develops mathematical software for advanced scientific computing trusted by many. If you are looking for Delphi or .NET counterpart of products like Matlab, LabView, OMatrix, SciLab, etc... this is the right place. We provide powerful tools for:

  • Embarcadero/CodeGear Delphi and C++Builder numerical libraries and components
  • Microsoft .NET components -- including Visual Studio add-ons and a .NET numerical library for C++, C#, and Visual Basic
  • FFT software (Fast Fourier Transform) in an independent Frequency Analyzer package

Product Features

mtxvec-productMtxVec is an object-oriented numerical library for Embarcadero Delphi, C++Builder and MS Visual Studio .NET Designed for large data sets with complete vector/matrix arithmetic, it adds the following capabilities to your development environment:

  • A comprehensive set of mathematical, signal processing and statistical functions
  • Substantial performance improvements of floating point math by exploiting the SSE2, SSE3, SSE4.2 and Intel AVX 1.0 and AVX 2.0 instruction sets offered by modern CPUs.
  • Solutions based on it scale linearly with core count which makes it ideal for massively parallel systems.
  • Improved compactness and readability of code.
  • support for native 64bit execution gives free way to memory hungry applications
  • Significantly shorter development times by protecting the developer from a wide range of possible errors.
  • Direct integration with TeeChart© to simplify and speed up the charting.
  • No royalty fees for distribution of compiled binaries in products you develop

Optimized Functions

The base math library uses the LAPACK (Linear Algebra Pack) version optimized for Core Duo and Core i7 CPU’s provided by Intel with their Math Kernel library. Our library is organized into a set of “primitive” highly optimized functions covering all the basic math operations. All higher level algorithms use these basic optimized functions, similar to the way LAPACK uses the Basic Linear Algebra Subprograms (BLAS).

Performance Secret's

The secrets behind our performance are:

  • "Code vectorization". The program achieves substantial performance improvements in floating point arithmetic by exploiting the CPU Streaming SIMD Extensions (SSE) 2, 3 and SSE4 instruction sets. (SIMD = Single Instruction Multiple Data.)
  • "Super conductive memory management". Effective massively parallel execution is achieved with the help of a super conductive memory management, which features zero thread contention and inter-lock problems allowing linear scaling with number of cores while maintaining low memory consumption and no interference with non-computational parts of the project.

You can read more about MtxVec here.

A range of products, perfect for your numerical and signal processing needs

In addition to the powerful MtxVec base math library, we develop a set of add-ons for specific scientific needs. These are:

  • DSP Master - advanced signal processing package
  • Stats Master - statistical package
  • Data Miner - artificial intelligence enabling components
  • FFT Analyzer - Fast Fourier Transforms in an independent PC-based FFT software package

If you are looking for a high-performance math library you can add it to your project as a Delphi component, C++ Builder add on, Visual Studio.NET component, or Visual Basic utility, Dew Research has what you need. Upgrade your .NET numerical library in C++, C#, and Visual Basic with these Visual Studio add-ons. Download trial versions of these packages here.

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