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Function list: TVec

TVec object function list

TVec object:

All listed functions support: real and complex numbers (where appropriate). Most functions are overloaded, to minimize the number of parameters required.

The class is derived from TDenseMtxVec.

For comprehensive help file please see the online documentation of MtxVec for Delphi/C++ Builder or MtxVec for Visual Studio .NET

Introduced Methods

AutoCorrBiased Biased auto-correlation.
AutoCorrNormal Normal auto-corellation.
AutoCorrUnBiased Unbiased auto-correlation.
Concat Concatenates an array of TVec objects.
Convolve Single-rate finite, linear convolution of two sequences.
Copy Copies values from Vec1 and Vec2 (concatenate).
CopyMtx Copy values from matrix.
CreateFromCache Obtains a pointer to a precreated object from cache.
CrossCorr The cross-correlation of two vectors.
CumSum Cumulative sum.
DCT The forward discrete cosine transform (DCT).
Diag Copies the k-th diagonal from the TMtx object.
Difference The difference between two succesive vector elements.
DownSample Downsamples vector values.
Equal Compares vector elements and returns true if vectors are equal.
FFT Fast Furier Transformation (FFT) from complex to complex or from real to complex.
FFTFromReal The forward Fast Fourier Transformation (FFT) from real to complex.
FindAndGather Finds and gathers vector elements.
FindAndSplit Finds the masks for a vector and splits it.
FindIndexes Fills the calling vector with indexes, where the logical expression is true.
FindMask Finds a vector mask.
FreeToCache Releases this object back to cache.
Gather Gather vector elements.
GatherSplit Gather a vector, split to two vectors.
GetCol Copies a column from matrix.
GetRow Copies a row from matrix.
Goertz The Discrete Fourier transformation (DFT) for a given frequency.
GoertzInit Initializes the Goertzal algorithm.
Hilbert The fast hilbert transform (FFT based).
IDCT The inverse discrete cosine transform (DCT).
IFFT The inverse backward FFT from complex to complex.
IFFTToReal The inverse FFT from complex to real.
Kron The Kronecker product between two vectors.
Norm The norm of a vector.
NotMask Negates the integer mask vector.
PCValues Obtaines a pointer to the complex value of the vector at Index.
PIValues Obtaines a pointer to the integer value of the vector at Index.
PixelDownSample Downsamples (reduces) the number of vector elements.
PrimeNumbers Fills vector with prime numbers, starting from 2 up to the value of n.
PValues Obtaines a pointer to the real value of the vector at Index.
Ramp Fills the calling vector with a series following linear rule.
Resize Resizes vector size while preserving values.
Reverse Reverse vector elements.
Rotate A cyclic shift on vector elements.
SetCplx Sets vector values (complex).
SetDouble Sets vector values (double).
SetInteger Sets vector values (integer).
SetIt Sets vector values.
SetSingle Sets vector values (single).
SetSubIndex Defines a sub-vector.
Shift Shift vector elements.
Size Sets the size of the vector.
SizeFromArray Sets the size of the vector to match an array.
SliceIt Slices the memory allocated by the calling vector in to smaller pieces (complex version).
SliceItc Slices the memory allocated by the calling vector in to smaller pieces (complex version).
SortAscend Sorts vector elements in ascending order.
SortDescend Sorts vector elements in descending order.
Split Splits the calling vector to an array of TVec objects.
StringsToValues Convert strings in AList to TSample or TCplx.
TensorProd Tensor product between vector and matrix.
UpSample Inserts zeroes between consecutive vector values.
ValuesToStrings Converts the content of the Values array of the calling vector to a list of strings.