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Single installer/uninstaller, including Dew Math, DSP Master, Stats Master, DLLs, examples, help files and additional documentation. The current builds support VS2005.NET, VS2008.NET, VS2010.NET, VS2012.NET, VS2013.NET, VS2015.NET, VS2017.NET and .NET frameworks 2.0 and newer. Both 32bit and native 64bit mode are fully supported.

Visual Studio 2015 400x224

Dew Lab Studio 2017 Trial
for Visual Studio .NET

VS2005.NET, VS2008.NET, VS2010.NET, VS2012.NET, VS2013.NET, VS2015.NET, VS2017.NET

(136 MB)

NET frameworks 2.0, 3.0, 3.5, 4.0 and 4.5

All-in-one single pass installer/uninstaller

Last updated: 12th January, 2018

Other downloads

Description Last updated
Help files only (6MB):
Html Help 1 help files for MtxVec, DSP Master and Stats Master. 
31 March, 2016
MtxVec User Guide (1 MB): 
Users Guide for MtxVec v5 for C# in pdf format. The essentials to get you started with MtxVec and Dew Lab Studio.
31 March, 2016


Dew Math offers additonal TeeChart features as a bonus. The products do not need this features to work, but they are required, if you want to recompile the DSP Master demo applications included. Dew Math and Dew Stats Master demos can also be recompiled with TeeChart.NET Lite version which is included with distribution. For information about TeeChart see

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