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MtxVec - Under the hood

Getting up to speed
Block processing
Objects and Numerics
MtxVec encapsulates LAPACK
Math functions and speed
Super conductive memory manager
MtxVec expressions
MtxVec scripting
Debugger Visualizer
Cougar Open CL

MtxVec - Function list

TMtxVec object function list
TDenseMtxVec object function list
TVec object function list
TMtx object function list
TSparseMTx object function list
Math387 function list
MtxVec Probabilities function list
MtxVec: other functions list

FFT Properties

Derivation of the DFT
Wavelets in signal analysis
Tutorial on frequency analysis (v3.5, pdf)
Use cases, examples, procedures (v3.5)

Case Studies

Thermal Expansion of Copper
Topic: Non-linear regression
Ultrasonic Reference Block Study
Topic: Non-linear regression
Load Cell Calibration
Topic: Linear regression
PCA in financial analysis
Topic: Principal Component Analysis
Goal Seeking
Topic: Goal Seeking
Simplex with bounded constraints
Topic: Non-linear regression

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