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DSP Master

Advanced signal processing package for MtxVec


DSP Master is a digital signal processing add-on package for MtxVec math library. Strong and fast on filter design and Fast Fourier Transform (FFT), this DSP software can help you build the exact frequency analyzer and the precise filters you need. The signal processing library is available for C#, VB.NET, Delphi and C++ Builder.

The entire package is designed with streaming support in mind and runs in single or double precision on real or complex signals taking full advantage of vectorized MtxVec design. Components can be connected into pipes. The product features over 140 routines (not counting overloads) and more than 40 components. For a full product review, see the digital signal processing on-line help file. DSP Master for MtxVec is designed to work best with TeeChart Pro.

DSP Master for Delphi/C++ Builder

DSP Master for Visual Studio .NET

The package includes:

  • IIR filters
    Design of analog or discrete Butterworth, ChebyshevI, ChebyshevII, Elliptic and Bessel filters. Order estimation includes all filter types: lowpass, highpass, bandpass and bandstop. Bilinear and Matched Z transform, group delay, frequency transformations in S or Z domain, in zero-pole or state-space form.
  • FIR Filters
    Design of FIR filters with window method or with Remez exchange algorithm. Order estimation of FIR filters. Design of Hilbert transformers, differentiators and also integrators. Savitzky-Golay filtering, fast envelope detector. Multi-rate multi-stage half-band FIR filtering support includes: zoom-spectrum component, decimate and interpolate components and a high quality envelope detector.
  • Non-linear filters
    Sample-and-hold, sample-and-decay and median filter.
  • Spectral analysis
    State-of-the-art spectrum analyzer component with ready to use component editor covering: FFT, CZT, Yule-Walker, Burg, Covariance and Modified Covariance spectral estimation, RMS of specified frequency bands, a set of peak interpolation algorithms, a large set of window functions including: Bartlett, Blackman, Chebyshev, CosineTapered, FlatTop, Hamming, Hanning and Kaiser window; sophisticated peak selection and peak tracking methods, phase unwrapping algorithm, dedicated components for bispectrum, bicoherence, coherence and transfer function estimation with real-time capability. Also real cepstrum, complex cepstrum and inverse complex cepstrum. Spectral statistics: Noise floor, SFDR, THD, THDN, SINAD, RMS, SNR...
  • Linear systems
    Find zeros of a linear system, convert between state-space, zero-pole and numerator-denominator forms of the transfer function.
  • ASIO audio component (Delphi only)
    Greatly simplifies reliable use of ASIO drivers and features click-pop free start, stop and pause operations. It supports real time processing with extra skip protection in all three operation modes: playback, record and record/playback.
  • WASAPI audio component (Delphi only)
    Features built-in (optional); rate converter, bit converter and channel count converter. Connect file in any format and start playing the file or perform recording in desired bit depth and sampling frequency. Main advantage of recording with WASAPI is the ability to completely bypass any preprocessing by Windows like noise filters and similar.
  • Cross platform audio components

    Use the same components for audio playback and recording (TSignalCoreAudioIn / TSignalCoreAudioOut) on all supported platforms: Android, iOS, OS X and Windows. The components use WASAPI on Windows, remoteIO API on iOS and OS X and standard Android classes on Android.

  • Noise generators
    include white, pink, brownian, blue and violate noise next to the standard triangular, square and multi-tone signals.
  • Fast rate conversion algorithms
    support conversion by any real number factor. The quality of the linear phase filtering allows 160dB noise attenuation. The speed of conversion is exceptionally high.
  • Signal modulation/demodulation algorithms
    covering: zoom-spectrum, signal (amplitude) modulator/demodulator, high speed linear phase narrow bandpass filtering, envelope detection and standard decimation/interpolation logic
  • High quality spectrogram/periodogram
    with a wide selection of processing and visualization options.
  • Signal forecasting with spectral analysis
    Only user specified spectral peaks are used to generate the forecasted time series providing a very simple but efficient method.
  • Other components
    Signal generator component with ready to use component editor offers stack-based vectorized function evaluation with many built-in functions. Audio recording and playback components with monitor function and extensive support for triggers. Ready to use component editor for filtering component covers design of nearly all included filters. Components for streaming (read/write) different file formats.
  • TeeChart Pro (v5 and later) support
    includes: two new TChart components to allow visual connection of the signal processing pipes to charts, two new TChartSeries for faster drawing and 3 additional TeeTools components to help with peak marking and axis scaling.
  • Together with MtxVec the following functions/operations are provided:
    frequency response of analog and discrete filters, fast 1D and 2D convolution, fast autocorrelation and cross-correlation, deconvolution, 1D and 2D filtering, zero phase IIR filtering, interpolated FIR filters, DCT and inverse DCT, Geortzel algorithm and forward and inverse FFT for all combinations of real/complex source and destination, random number generators and more...
  • Report generator
    TSpectrum analyzer, TCrossSpectrumAnalyzer, TBispectrumAnalyzer, TSignalAnalyzer now have a report generator.

For more information on DSP Master the digital signal processing add-on package for MtxVec math library: