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MtxVec for mission critical applications where complex real time data processing is needed. Ten times faster than conventional programming.
MtxVec applications


Inference ™ comprises a software solution platform that enables you to use the familiar Microsoft Excel and Word environment to assemble dynamic documents (document mashups) containing your data, software objects, scripting commands, and text annotations (commentary). When executed, a dynamic document runs scripting commands and generates a results document that contains textual, numerical and graphic output of scripting commands in addition to formatted text annotations. For example, you can write code in Python, R or .NET to automate repetitive tasks involving data access, collection, preparation, analysis and reporting.

Deige Bag
Beige Bag Software released its new mixed-mode circuit design software, B2 Spice v5.0. This contains hundreds of enhancements including a redesigned user interface, virtual instruments, and "Live Circuit" mode. In live mode, change parameters and analyze results directly in the animated schematic and instruments. Other enhancements include parameter stepping and Monte Carlo analysis on any simulation, new realistic models, multiple sheet schematics,
curve tracers, circuit wizards to easily generate standard circuits, and a new and highly customizable graphing module with 3D graphs. Users can now view and manipulate the Frequency domain representation of any time results
using Dew Research's DSP module with its spectrum analyzer. For PCB design, it integrates with CADSoft's Eagle and others.

Stacec is a software house that for over 30 years develops programs for civil engineering. The computational power has been a characteristic of Stacec software for a long time and that is the reason why the FaTAWin program is one of the most used structural analysis programs in Italy. FaTA-E represents the natural evolution of FaTAWin and, thanks to the use of the sparse matrix libraries developed by Dew Research, it can resolve more complex structures of its predecessor with a remarkable time reduction and a greater accuracy of the computational model.

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bede - X ray metrology

Bede Corporation is using MtxVec 2.0 to speed up their X Ray image analysis software.


Cip-Check by AcuTec LLC, NJ, USA

The weakest link in any clean-in-place tank washing operation is monitoring what is taking place inside the tank. Traditional sensing methods have been rejected because they require penetrations into the tank. CIP-Check has overcome this objection with it's patented technology. CIP-Check technology goes beyond traditional sensing methods to monitor and evaluate the washing process inside the tank from outside of the tank.

AcuTec LLC designs, manufactures and markets products utilizing CIP-Check technology. Our products play an essential role in helping industry minimize chemical and energy utilization while maintaining the high standards imposed on the tank washing processes. The technology can be adapted to virtually any tank configuration, large or small, simple or complex, easy or difficult. In a business climate that puts a premium on cost savings and environmentally friendly processes, manufacturing facilities that use CIP-Check technology can give themselves a competitive advantage.

The software is developed with Borland Delphi and makes extensive of Dew Lab Studio, TeeChart and Nexus DB. The entire project from algorithm prototyping, end user application development and hardware interface was done using these tools.


DXE by Proxedra Sweden

Proxedra DXE is a modular and scaleable software platform for effective and automated acquisition, handling, and analysis of large amounts of data and decision-making support. Key MtxVec features: Object oriented design, speed, memory efficiency, and coming Linux suppport.

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