I've been using it and works brilliant

Pedro Pablo Mena 
System Application Engineer Moore Process Control (Using Visual Studio.NET)

Your software is absolutely great. Yes, Yes, Yes. We solved a 1000x1000 matrix with other software in 3'20" but with MtxVec in 1.3 secs. (Athlon 1.4 266FSB 512 Mb).

Chris de Gelder 

Having converted our models from Matlab, a speed increase of over 10x has been achieved . This core acceleration finally allows these models to be used in real-time automation control.

Ned Scupolovic 
Senior Systems Engineer Hatch IAS
(Using Embarcadero C++Builder)

WOW! I did a timing with my old filters, with yours. I processed 1250 points (250 Hz) through the filter 100 times, and here are the results: Old IIR hi pass filter (order of 4) 28 millisecs, Your IIR elliptical hi pass 2 millisecs, Your IIR elliptical band pass 1 millisec "

David Bakkom
Hadstandsoftware (Using Visual Studio.NET 2010)


Using MtxVec 2, with its SSE2 support, I see about a x4 speed improvement over traditional x87 assembler when running on my Pentium 4 notebook . This is very significant for my simulation programs and I guess the same would be true for other people who would use such libraries.

Matthew Wormington 
Bede Corporation (Using Visual Studio.NET and Embarcadero Delphi)

I must thank you, using your libs i increased speed of our aplication beyond my expectations and beyond wildest dreams of our management :) My boss will be ordering yours lib in few days time.

Juraj Bezecny

I am sorry but our concurrents have Internet as well. And our speed (thanks to MTXVEC) is unbeatable.

Chris de Gelder


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