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MtxVec for mission critical applications where complex real time data processing is needed. Ten times faster than conventional programming.
MtxVec applications


Dew Research delivers numerical add on for Visual Studio 2005, 2008 and 2010 .NET. With our C# math library, numerical operations are easy and quick to implement, giving your .NET application development a big boost in coding efficiency and much higher product performance. See the facts about our products below.

Dew Lab Studio for .NET - a complete numerical solution

icon-dew-lab-studioIn Dew Lab Studio we combine all of our product line at a reduced price. We give you MtxVec - numerical library, DSP Master - signal processing library andd Stats Master - the statistical library with support for C#, VB.NET and C++. Full source code comes with each product. Dew Lab Studio installs all individual products under one convenient single installer. The license includes TeeChart.NET Pro from Steema worth 799 USD.

See the descriptions below for full information on our individual products.


$ 1599 With source

and TeeChart

MtxVec - high performance math library for Visual Studio .NET

icon-mtxvecMtxVec is an object oriented math library for C# and .NET developers that offers a wide set of matrix and vector math operations. The library provides a broad set of vectorized numeric functions which include sparse matrices, complex numbers, probabilities, a math parser, optimization unit, SVD, QR, LQ, and LU solvers and special functions. Applications using this library gain the benefit of CPU-specific code optimization and symmetric multiprocessing. Efficient management of memory and support for 64bit native mode increase performance of your applications.

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$ 499 With source

DSP Master - advanced digital signal processing for MtxVec

icon-dspDSP Master is the digital signal processing library with multiple components for C# and .NET and requires MtxVec. Among other things it features:+ Streaming pipelines 
+ IIR filter design tools: Butterworth, Bessel, elliptic and Chebyshev with order estimation and stability up to order 15. 
+ FIR filter tools: Kaiser window, optimal Remez exchange
+ frequency analyzer, higher order spectral analyzer, cross spectral analyzer, 
+ Signal generator, read/write file support, 24bit, arbitrary sampling frequency audio playback and recording.
+ a set of cutting edge rate conversion components exceeding the quality and performance currently available in profesional software. 
+ autoregressive linear prediction and spectral analysis algorithms like Yule Walker, Burg, Covariance and Modified covariance.

Included is also support for the Steema TeeChart C# library extending the features of that charting component by speeding up certain drawing operations adding plug-ins, defining new chart series and charting tools used for signal processing and signal analaysis.

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$ 799 With source

(with MtxVec Included)

Stats Master - advanced statistical analysis package

icon-statsStats Master statistical library for C# and .NET requires MtxVec and includes among other features:+ 34 different distributions: PDF, CDF and inverse CDF,
+ variance and mean for all 34 distributions,
+ random generators for 24 distributions,
parameter estimate using moments or MLE for continuous and discrete distributions,
+ histograms, mean, harmonic mean, ogives nth-Moment, percentile, range, parametric and non-parametric hypothesis thesting, goodness-of-fit tests,
+ Poisson, PCA, ML, NL regression,
+ PCA, FA, multidimensional scaling
+ full integration with Steema's TeeChart.
+ many other features

The library built with MtxVec is one of the fastest and most complete C# statistical libraries.

Features | Documentation | Use cases | Screenshots | download trial


$ 799 With source

(with MtxVec Included)

Data Miner - artificial intelligence enabling components

icon-data-minerWe bring you a set of Visual Studio components for classification, written in 100% managed code. The algorithms cover the well-known Naive Bayes and K-Nearest Neighbors (KNN), as well as the relatively new Linear Classifier algorithm. The algorithms work on real and discrete data. All the algorithms are capable of incremental learning.

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Price: $ 139

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Choose one or several of these Visual Studio add ons to round out your numerical processing needs. Whether you need to simply expand a Visual Basic utility or to extend your math function code library, Dew Research components increase Microsoft Visual Studio .NET application development tools speed for rapid development.

For a complete list of available products, special offers and licence details, please see the Order page.

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