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FFT Properties v6 - Spectrum analyzer 

FFT Frequency Analyzer Software -  Spectrogram with Discrete Fast Fourier Transform

Time series and frequency spectrum analyzer optimized for handling of long signals (Big Data). Designed for scientists, engineers and hobbyists in need of detailed signal content information (vibration, audio, seismic, speech..) It features:

  • Recording and playback with arbitrary sampling frequency by using the fastest sample rate converter.
  • Real time envelope and energy computation during recording with history overview and frequency analysis.
  • 24-bit/96kHz and 24-bit/192kHz recording and playback support.
  • Ability to monitor and record output of arbitrary playback device.
  • High-resolution real-time spectrogram during recording.
  • Open arbitrary audio/video file with the Signal Analyzer. Take an in-depth look at the frequency content of the multi-channel DTS or AC3 audio tracks of movie files.
  • Direct support for text files, raw/pcm (arbitrary format) files and wav file format.
  • Ability to compare multiple averaged spectrums.
  • Excellent 3D Surface chart with unique navigation capability.
  • Multithreaded batch file processing for rate conversion, digital filtering, signal generation, signal modulation, demodulation, envelope detection and signal conversion.
  • Zoom-spectrum feature. Select higher resolution and narrower bands with any sampling frequency.
  • Arbitrary real number factor rate conversion with great speed and accuracy.
  • Real-time high speed narrow bandpass filter, can have any bandwidth limited only with the length of the signal.
  • Basic digital filter designer support with a wide range of optimal FIR and IIR filtering.
  • Math expression evaluator for scaling of signals.
  • HP Calculator style signal generator.
  • Save and load settings of all processing pipes and charts.
  • All signal processing is streamable via audio processing pipes.
  • Frequency analyzer features non-parametric phase angle measurement of non-periodic signals and linear-phase peak filtering.
  • Analytical spectrogram with highest accuracy imaging in an FFT analyzer with time-frequency analysis.
  • Support for real time analysis of largest file sizes.
  • Read/write and analyze complex/analytical signals.
  • Runs with Windows Vista, Windows 7,8 and 10.

The Spectrum Analyzer features many unique frequency analysis methods which can not be found in any other frequency analysis software.

You can download a trial version or order the full package.

FFT Properties v3.5 - Spectrum analyzer

The predecessor to v5 is ideal for studying fast Fourier transformation as well as for practical spectrum analysis, or to FFT Excel spreadsheet data. The FFT code is very fast and optimized for Pentium 4 CPU's.

FFT Frequency Analyzer Software - DSP Code Discrete Fast Fourier TransformFFT Properties is a report-oriented, real-time Scope/ Spectrum analyzer. It features:
- Parametric windows
- Peak interpolation
- A rich set of peak marking features
- Discrete Fourier Transform (DFT)
- On-line wavelets decomposition
- Higher order spectral analysis
- Cross- and auto-correlation
- Cepstral analysis
- Cross-spectral analysis
- FIR filter designer
- Decimation and interpolation
- Built-in signal generator
- Advanced printing
- High quality charts

In other words, with FFT Properties you can evaluate your sound card for frequency response and non-linearities, tune your guitar, whistle and look at the frequency, make your own car tire balancer, take a close look at your amplifier etc. For more information, examples and tutorials click here for full documentation about FFT Properties our frequency analyzer software.

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